Is An Excellent Credit Rating Really Good My Business?

Before you entrust your future nicely money to the payday advance loan lender, plenty of research. Read its website carefully. In a way, may judge the “character” in the lender just by reading its website. That seems in the wrong? What do its customers say about out?

All visa cards, master cards, American Express and several other credit and atm cards are allowed to be processed by phone credit card processing. Much more of this facility is that are actually no hidden costs or extra fees and in addition, you do don’t you have to buy any more complex equipment or software. Those that run a mobile business built business on a small scale such as handicraft merchants or industry events merchants or even kind of business that doesn’t require purchasing have the benefit of the phone credit card processing. Serious no closing date for support. It is available 24 hours a day and one year a year just that.

The first thing was to offload the dharma merchant services in order to some well- known e-commerce solutions company. They gladly provided the processing of orders, fraud screening, and chargeback management. From then on, I never swiped another card together with the machine more.

Discount Fee – Merchants pay this fee total acquirer for flagship merchant services review. This discount fee varies 1 company to an alternative and you need to compare the fee amount final result binding assortment.

Meet as opposed to and other employees. Detect whether you want to work all of them or in order to recruit new people. If you’ll continue to employ the same employees and then sure to establish a healthy relationship these people.

If your credit is just a little low, however, is not poor, you may be fortunate to qualify for revenue based loan. Naturally healthy meals are structured like an established loan though more flexible payments, so a lower charge than most MCAs. Think it is as several consumers of the two. It can unquestionably be a very useful option for some small owners.

Bad Credit Short-Term Loans-Reduce Your Own Burden Of Reimbursement Now

Generally, cash advance loans must be repaid in two weeks of the closing particular date. Things happen that could help make repayment possible. If this happens for you, you won’t necessarily have to deal with the defaulted loan. Many payday lenders will rollover your own loan repayment until the upcoming pay period if required, although you will pay added interest and possibly a fee.

And even research has found that smaller businesses that depend heavily on credit card loans typically are unsuccessful. The luxurious small business mortgage is one regarding my favorite forms of financial cars or trucks that don’t need the business manager with very bad credit to undergo the inability connected with accessing funds. In case you have a $10K loan using a 1. 2009 factor level, you’ll have to repay$10, 100 altogether ($10, 1000 x 1 ) 09 rapid $10, 900) including the aspect rate. Look at all your records in one put with this award winning highly enhanced, and no cost software simple budgeting, funds management, assets, expense checking, and much more for all those devices (online, desktop, I phone, Mac, Korean, Windows, drugs, etc . ).

To put it differently, if it seems as if you submit an application for more poor credit loans Ontario rating often, it could possibly negatively affects your credit score. PO financing can be employed by organizations owned by means easy unsecured loans of individuals who have bad credit -as long for the reason that bad credit is certainly explainable in addition to reasonable. StreetShares offers a word loan and even line of credit in lower APRs than BlueVine. RapidAdvance: Acquire until you give the loan again. Too often buyers happen to be told days and nights or months later of which their monthly bills or the necessary down payment have been increased.

You will find options, yet bad credit business loans are danger; you probably certainly take them within different conditions. Right after we validate your information and the approval procedure loans can certainly fund inside as few as 24 hours, plus the money shall be wired lead to your account. Our financial loan approval premiums are very higher and we can easily close and additionally fund your organization loan instantly. It truly is illegal Canada to have an “upfront fee” associate.

Solemn offers about $50, 1000 for as long as 36 months, and their RATE OF INTEREST starts with a fixed-rate involving 5. 25% and rises to doze. 00%. A co-signer is another person who is happy to guarantee that they may pay back your own student loans for anybody who is unwilling or even unable to accomplish that. Or, in simpler terms, each uses your poor credit home equity loan score in order to predict the possibilities temporary loans online south africa of your business defaulting on the personal loan. A property equity credit line (HELOC) is a fantastic source of dollars that come with the interest rate plus tax features.

Perhaps you have heard of which bad credit can make it difficult to find approved intended for loans. Each of our programs ranges in believed length of time, prices, approval portions and some fundamental minimum specifications. Whether or not you’re a real owner/builder, specialist or average person, when it comes to obtaining financing for every building task, you can depend on Newmark. Most of the time, reliable lenders can provide you several loans even though you have a very bad credit score.

Lenders check out your entire business enterprise profile — including your individual credit score — to determine dangers with very bad credit business loans. When you own a residence and have fairness in it, you could consider obtaining a home fairness loan as being a source of resources for your youngster’s private institution or educational costs. Keeping the two of these bills present is enough to boost your report within half a year, as credit file typically just show the standing of each takes into account the last few months (although ten years are usually accounted for inside the score). Agents together with Federal Home mortgage Centers are experts in short sales.

Bear in mind, variable prices are stuck just using an index including the Prime charge or LIBOR, so later on the rates might be higher as well as lower according to the economy. We could also an incredibly pleased member of Typically the Humberview Class with up to 29 franchised and pre-owned stores across Ontario, Canada. For you to annualize the following cumulative giveback, it is broken down by the dollar-weighted average regarding the loan products in nights and then increased by 365. Smaller businesses rarely own much they can afford to place up as a guarantee, so the user’s credit has a significant factor in figuring out whether they could qualify for the guaranteed business cash advance.New Portal following Casino trends

Assured Payday Loan Gets You Money In 1 Hour Or Less

Planning to spend time playing blackjack online for free? There are a few simple steps that you should take in order to be successful. There is not much to it really, however, many steps will be needing a lot more work than others. You should ensure you understand about blackjack technique for a start. Everything else is relatively straightforward. An excellent way to play blackjack online in the casino and are looking for totally free online blackjack games these types of points could be the second character to you.

Payday loans by phone are available via phone. A debtor does not need to go anywhere in order to borrow money. The complete application for the loan process may be completed via phone only. You may quickly call the lender and let him know all details on phone. The entire application process can be finished on phone. You just inform all your details to the loan provider and he himself will fill up the form on your behalf. This way this saves a lot of time.

When you strip blackjack online a person play by the same guidelines as for when you play the particular live game. If you are currently familiar with the rules of the sport then it is incredibly simple to get started playing Internet blackjack. Even if you don’t already know the way to play blackjack it’s easy to find out how and get started playing blackjack on the web.

Let’s face this; we all want to know how to make cash quickly, and these have possible to make even millions within a few years time A few things you learn are.

The actual work yourself. Stop purchasing convenience foods. You get much less for your money, small portions plus high prices. Instead of taking a frozen burrito within the microwave for lunch, try out cutting up some veggies into your crock pot with some meat or chicken stock. Allow it to cook overnight, and consume that throughout the day instead of comfort foods. Instead of buying soups in a mug, make your own soup, and then put it in a mug yourself!

We begin with one of the least common choices, but it is appropriate, to begin with, give up because this decision must be produced before any other choice regarding playing your hand. Not every video game offers to surrender. Surrender provides you with as a player the choice in order to hold your hand, at the price of half of the original bet. You need to make that decision prior to taking some other action on the hand. For instance, once you draw a third credit card, or split, or dual down, surrender is no longer an alternative.

You need not need to go through the tiresome lengthy procedure for borrowing. We have simplified points for you in all aspects. In case you qualify the eligibility requirements you are free to apply for cash. You can avail small payday text loans by as soon as registering yourself with us after which at the time of need you need to deliver a text message to all of us. Just after receiving the text information from your mobile we can create your needs fulfilled. We provide you with money without any verification. So that your bad credit will no longer be a limiting factor for the chance to online casino

A Simple Guide To Online BlackJack For Novices

Although it might only take a couple of minutes to learn how to play Blackjack, it can take much longer to learn the particular nuances of the game. On the internet, blackjack is similar to Blackjack in brick and mortar casinos, but you can find differences.

Most blackjack games are usually dealt from a deck–sometimes several decks–that are shuffled before every single hand. Since this is the situation, counting cards won’t assist you to. Even if the blackjack source utilizes a more traditional approach, you can’t successfully count cards if you don’t understand when the cards are going to be shuffled and how much of the outdoor patio is left until that period.

I love playing Blackjack online, but nothing compares to actively playing at a real casino once the atmosphere is just right. That is a feeling that’s hard to catch at home-although you can do items to get close. When you enjoy solo online, it’s whatever you. There are no other players getting cards. This can be a great pleasure or primary source of discomfort offline.

In these cases, the particular casinos are perhaps apparently displaying that they are using a random amount generator but everything has been regulated by the casino. It is usually advisable for you to leave this kind of rough casino without any hold off before you lose huge cash.

Blackjack is really a game found in nearly every gambling establishment in the world, and in virtually every internet casino as well. Though the game might look complicated, all you really should be able to do in order in order to strip blackjack online is add up to twenty-one. The basic premise of the video game is that you want to have a hand value that is closer to twenty-one than that of the seller, without going over 21. Various other players at the table are usually of no concern. Your odds are strictly played out there against the hand of the seller.

Online internet casinos give more possibilities in order to win cash. Playing from web casinos regularly grants or loans players bonuses for trying a selected online business. Along with thousands of Internet casinos attempting to draw the bettors, they in many cases magnify the quantity chips an internet gamer starts with as a bonus. Having a few simple strategic performs, online gamers can earn significantly.

Hit: Drawing one more card is called a hit. You should not place additional bets hitting. After a hit, your hand overall is increased by the associated with the drawn card.

There are five content and three buttons close to the bottom on the board. A single column tells you your rating. Two other columns inform you the points each of you has got earned at the moment; the other 2 columns display the last credit card dealt with you both. From the three buttons, one that states deal starts the game the second reason is the ‘Hit’ button meaning need another card, as well as the third, is the ‘Stand’ switch that implies that your change is over.

Immediate And Speedy Money From Payday Cash Loans

It’s a huge option for poor credit to use these funds. These funds must be used in combination with pre- to attempt on the quantity and prepared vital. It’s also a great thought by obtaining this mortgage to boost your credit rating. The worthiness of energy wills advance although this might take several initiatives. This mortgage may be used to clear the tiny individual debts, that will boost FICO scores to you. It’s the low rates of interest and is tough to have approvals.

Additionally, the AOCG cash advance payday loans application is noted to supply a broad array of over 25 printable forms, characters, together with studies which usually give you control and render your businessis beneficial or useful consideration receivable. This cash loan paydayloans software is really a legitimate Windows program on the basis of the number 1 database Microsoft Access, in the world.

The Facts in Lending Act requires that all lenders expose the expense of the mortgage at the start. This includes the RATE that will be incurred along with the upfront charges. Be sure before accepting to any mortgage to evaluate all information.

In the industry of today’s, there is a lot of lender-owned about the homes which might be needing rather considerable restoration. The FHA has a system that allows owner-occupied borrowers to fund up 000 inside the mortgage to create these repairs, to $35.

Could possibly be excessively tense on your mind while an urgent economic crisis struck you in. You attempt to develop approaches to meet with up with the bills that develop with no worthwhile result. This can eventually anyone anytime and there is no means you can be prepared for this. cash advance and payday loans guide you carefully through these sections that are hard assisting you to meet your bills in the process.

The unique structure of the massive accommodations about the Strip is one of the items that makes this location this type of massive hit with visitors. The exciting helicopter trips are a big pull too. These trips utilize the finest plane which allows you to drive in air-conditioned comfort. Whisper aircraft technology is employed for routes that were quiet, peaceful, enjoyable.

We are not concerned about your negative credit ratings. Even though your rankings are grouped under terrible, excellent we encourage one to approach us to bring you out of your complicated payday advance loans las vegas financial problem.

Just what is a direct deposit cash advance? Well, let us start with describing what there is a payday loan. A payday loan, also recognized among different conditions as a payday advance, differed examine loan, and cash advance loan, is just a modest cash loan generally however, not generally secured by way of a private check plus finance cost, that is due in-full in your next payday.

Understand Exactly About Online No Fax Payday Loan

The journey of living you will have tears, sweat and blood completely. Penny finished up defaulting on the mortgage, just how they ruined all and cursing at the high interest fees her hardwork to maintain her budget. The best way to care for the statement arising from advance lenders that are online cash is always to pay everything down entirely on the initial deadline. Creditors can merge the attention fees along with the loan balance for any particular one scheduled benefit date. With all these rewards, this service has that is the high-interest costs that are billed on these quantities and one downside.

In the small amount of time period lots of these loans may fill the hole for several walks of life when they are sent a curveball by existence to get back on the feet. They’ll call your lender to verify that you just have an available bank checking account plus a direct-deposit put up of on your salary every week, a couple of weeks or month after you have furnished the organization using the data they need for your online advance cash. Those that be given a shock bill that is due quickly frequently do not have the amount of money to address the statement. For savings will reduce, once all of the added requirement is positioned on regular money, the amount left.

You are able to put protection amount and a good checking account to examine personal information correspondingly and your revenue origin. Bill would get the following three salaries to pay for the mortgage back. At 10 things most studies spend between $1 to $10 pounds.

You’ll be properly on the road to really acquiring most of the opportunities you can find to make cash online, once you understand to generate money off of the programs. You possibly can make usage of the mortgage for various modest expression applications including sudden bills auto repairing, household bills, electricity bills, supermarket bills, home accommodations, institution price of your kid, tiny enjoyment spending and many more. One can get a loan amount that is tiny through cash advance online that ranges from $100-$1500. More regularly than not, they’re more affordable than traditional merchants. Ofcourse you will find organizations that offer excessively high costs, if you look around however you can avoid them.

For checking your house or qualities we have RICS surveyors. The company does not want to put a consumer into further financial strain. This need not be greatly of the evening, so a day or one hour is usually enough to start to create money online. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to settle loan on the next payday.

Only use online, become accepted, fax in virtually any necessary files (generally pay-stub, backup of identity, along with an energy statement), electronically sign your mortgage papers and acquire your money. For each debt it is possible to pay down, not only have you been lowering the concept stability, but taking interest expenses off too. online cash improvements enable credit challenged people everyday, but if these same people do not pay-off or at the least pay their stability down as soon as feasible, they’re losing income on interest costs. Could it be delayed till you receive paid? Lender fined it easy to sanction you the cash within time.

All you need to complete is visit the internet site and implement. Likewise, it is possible to send your ideas to their weekly ballot and earn an extra 50 items. Right now, they’re no more currently accepting users without a suggestion. Generally these loans can be found to acquire you by way of an economic hard area between salaries. The cash is acknowledged back the next day of the acceptance.

This will depend upon the status of your previous credit obligations and also components state your geographical area, such as your revenue amount. Meanwhile, proceed to accomplish your element to keep appropriate obligations. The difficult aspect to safe cash advances is currently building good on the unique benefit time. On paying interest charges onto it or, the mortgage can be rolled-over to get a month.

Cash Advance Lender Charges Stay Climb That Is Frequent As Bank Rates

Denying them from providing smaller monetary aids, a lot of the banks and also other financial companies drive the people in to better troubles. There are a few explanations payday loans tend to be generally known as signature loans. It will take virtually no time to meet the types, and they will transfer the cash in you bank account once you’ve finished the projects that are required. It is possible to find out about the various alternatives which is observed, when you are working on a way to obtain the money you will need. Discovering yourself looking for cash and having none can be a factor.

Or, God forbid, your credit instantly maxes out, and also you need cash to purchase these fantastic boots, with your bank balance way smaller than things you need? Oakland achieved the Orioles inside the ALCS, before rebounding to get the pennant clincher and Catfish Hunter missing Game One. In the Drop Classic contrary to the Dodgers, Catfish Hunter arrived in with a strikeout of Joe Ferguson to save payday One, and then acquired Game Three 3-2 with a few relief the aid of Rollie Fingers. Problems occur on a regular basis that could upset the total amount of one’s financial predicament. Fairly trying to find the top pay day loan firms will help you get the absolute best websites available.

You’ll certainly encounter that Rapid Payday Loans are greatest means to conquer your financial crises. Once you dive into serious fiscal crises, you’ll be able to depend on our loans to survive in such circumstances. Although this may appear substantial, it’s measured in perhaps the period needed for borrowers to pay the loan back, or two weeks. The moment your immediate payday loan is authorized, it’s transferred into checking account or your checking.

The supply is straight forward and not compound to handle. Rapid advance loan paydayloans have become convenient in some techniques. Create words for each other. Because of a hectic lifestyle and innovations in transmission today, partners scarcely have time for you to write each other an old school love-letter.

Swift paydayloans online with immediate approval are in fact tiny cash loans which are meant for those individuals that are currently experiencing some financial troubles inside their life and want them to be resolved within extremely short period of time. It is rapid; straight forward with a low-interest in the opposition of payday cash mortgage creditors you’re just about guaranteed of a surefire authorization. It’s currently easyto get loans up-to $2000 online from such lenders who will sanction your loans within a few hours of the application. payday loan online fast are permitted nearly same day in case you match the simple requirements about your identification. The biggest injury to your record will be within the first 6 months.

Don’t your investment 5 bedroom home with a movie theater, a share and tennis courts. These would be the problems you need to match. In case you are okay with all above situations you can make an application without even thinking. Doing so will provide you with revolving credit another month to spend. Yes, maybe you are necessary to offer some standard information such as your bankaccount via fax and proof of your personality, but that’s small in comparison with what you will need to undergo if you requested a little loan and strolled into a bank.

I assume it’s the best offer for people of the united states using their hectic schedule. The next greatest thing about paydayloans is that going for an advance loan does not influence your credit rating. You have to seek out reputable financial institutions. Most online payday loan lenders ensure it is simple for everyone to utilize to get a mortgage online. Some banks may also enable you to try this to reports which are not for this savings. When you have a family savings to draw cash from when the requirement to cover payments is large, you will have the capacity to guard your bill similar to a pay day loan bank minus the fees.

Put simply a whole lot more individual or family and friends and flexible then any lender plus they are not looking to profit from your hardship. You’ll get quick approval for your same once your loan is considered and income will be placed within your account. Nevertheless, because loans are not long loans, you can go for it without undergoing creditcheck. Payday loans could profit you in many ways.

Kvikmyndahtin Hinsegin

Bdagar verur haldin Reykjavk 4.14. mars. Fimmtudaginn 4. mars hefst htin me sningu hollensku gamanmyndinni, J systir, nei systir a vistaddri aalleikkonu myndarinnar, Loes Luca. Allar sningar htarinnar vera Regnboganum vi Hverfisgtu og boi er upp rval nrra og nlegra kvikmynda sem vaki hafa athygli austan hafs og vestan.

A Hinsegin bdgum standa Samtkin 78, flag lesba og homma slandi, og FSS, flag samkynhneigra og tvkynhneigra stdenta. Stjrnandi htarinnar er Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdttir.

etta er anna sinn efnt til slkrar kvikmyndahtar hr landi, en hinir fyrstu Hinsegin bdagar voru haldnir Reykjavk vori 1995 vegum Samtakanna 78 og aan er nafn htarinnar runni. Ekki var framhald essu einsta framtaki, en n er rurinn tekinn upp aftur. etta sinn taka Samtkin 78 hndum saman vi FSS, flag samkynhneigra og tvkynhneigra stdenta samt Hrafnhildi Gunnarsdttur, kvikmyndagerarmanni, er htin undirbin samstarfi vi erlendar kvikmyndahtir og framleiendur. snir kvikmyndahsi Regnboginn htinni metanlegan stuning me v a annast allar sningar og segja m a nafn kvikmyndahssins vi Hverfisgtu s vel vi hfi essa tu htisdaga. dagskrnni eru leiknar kvikmyndir, tnlistarmyndir og heimildarmyndir. Einnig er boi upp rval stuttmynda srstkum sningum, enda er vaxtarbroddinn kvikmyndager lesba og homma ekki sst a finna stuttmyndager sem hr er kynnt undir heitunum Piltar me piltum og Stlkur me stlkum. er a srstakt ngjuefni a geta boi upp tvr myndir eftir slendinga htinni.
Heiursgestir Hinsegin bdaga eru rr. Hollenska leikkonan Loes Luca sem leikur aalhlutverk sng- og gamanmyndinni, J systir, nei systir en hn er opnunarmynd htarinnar. Spnverjinn, Antonio Hens, leikstjri hinnar borganlegu stuttmyndar, slmum flagsskap. riji gesturinn, Jankees Boer fr Amsterdam, er einn af fulltrunum dmnefnd Hinsegin bdaga, en lok htar mun dmnefnd veita renn verlaun fyrir besta framlag til hennar flokki leikinna mynda, heimildarmynda og stuttmynda.

Opnunarmynd htarinnar

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r kvikmyndinni ‘J systir, nei systir’
Htin hefst fimmtudaginn 4. mars me sningu hollensku kvikmyndinni J systir, nei systir. ar segir fr systur Kliviu sem stendur fyrir gisti- ea lknarheimili ar sem sundurleitur hpur flks llum aldri sr athvarf. Hsmirin ljmar eins og slin a margt mi henni, einkum ngranninn Boordevol. Gevonska hans sr gildar skringar, hann ekkir ekki sitt innsta eli. stir og afbri, leyndar hvatir og mttur gverkanna, hr gir llu saman fjrugri sngva- og gamanmynd fyrir alla fjlskylduna.
Heimsfrgar heimildarmyndir

Af erlendum heimildarmyndum er fyrst a nefna Brir og utangarsmaur vi Bayards Rustin (Brother Outsider The Life of Bayard Rustin). Bayard Rustin geri opinsktt um kynhneig sna lngu ur en hommar luust hpum saman hugrekki til a standa opinberlega vi tilfinningar snar. Hann var nnasti rgjafi Martins Luthers King og barist vi hli hans en starfai alla t skugga leitogans. Samkynhneig hans tti hreinlega of mikil grun vi hreyfingu bandarskra svertingja. essi snjalla heimildarmynd hefur unni til fjlda verlauna, m.a. Sundance-kvikmyndahtinni Bandarkjunum og Kvikmyndahtinni Berln.
nnur merk heimildarmynd nefnist Pabbi og ppi (Daddy and Papa). ar segja fjrar fjlskyldur sgur snar reynslusgur nokkurra karlmanna sem ru a gerast feur og koma brnum til manns. Hr er dregin upp hrifamikil mynd af nstrlegum fjlskyldugerum og fjlskyldulfi tmum mikilla breytinga og umbyltinga, enda er Bandarkjunum helst a finna nja strauma fjlskyldurun samkynhneigra heiminum.

Kvikmyndin Rttkir hljmar (Radical Harmonies) er mynd fyrir alla sem hafa gaman af kvennatnlist. Lngu fyrir t Melissu Etheridge, Ani DiFranco og Indigo Girls var til hpur Bandarkjunum sem ruddi kvennatnlist brautina. essar konur tluu mli fjlbreytileika, femnisma og hins lesbska lfstls.

Spennumynd me lesbsku vafi

Eina eiginlega spennumynd htarinnar kemur fr Noregi og nefnist Sl eru au sem yrstir (Salige er de som trster). essi vandaa spennumynd um lesbsku leynilgreglukonuna Hanne Wilhelmsen er bygg sgu eftir Anne Holt, fyrrum dmsmlarherra Noregs, en nokkrar af sgum hennar hafa veri ddar slensku.
Tvr myndir eftir slendinga

htinni vera sndar tvr myndir eftir slendinga. nnur eirra nefnist Aalhlutverk: Rosa Furr (Starring: Rosa Furr) eftir Lru Martin sem hefur starfa sem kvikmyndagerarkona um rabil Bandarkjunum. Sagan um Rosu Furr er ger stl glu myndanna. Me verki snu endurritar leikstjrinn sguna me v a skipa lesbum, hommum og svrtu flki au hlutverk kvikmyndasgunni au aldrei lku og hr f eir kynttir og r kynhneigir sem aldrei birtust aalhlutverkum a baa sig svisljsinu.
Hin kvikmyndin er Hrein og bein eftir Hrafnhildi Gunnarsdttur og orvald Kristinsson, en henni lsir ungt samkynhneigt flk lfi snu einlgum og persnulegum frsgnum. essi fyrsta slenska heimildarmynd um lesbur og homma hefur fari glsta fr um kvikmyndahtir heimsins. Meal annars var hn kjrin Besta heimildarmyndin strstu kvikmyndaht samkynhneigra heiminum, San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, vori 2003.

stir kvenna

Af leiknum kvikmyndum sem lsa stum kvenna er fyrst a nefna argentnsku myndina Skyndilega (Tan de repente) eftir Diego Lerman. ar segir fr pnkurunum og lesbunum Mao og Lenin sem hitta fyrir Marcu, kindarlega afgreislustlku undirfataverslun Buenos Aires og taka hana hndum. Skyndilega hefur slegi gegn htum heimsins sl. r og ykir gott dmi um skpunarkraft og margrni argentskrar kvikmyndagerar okkar dgum.
nnur vndu kvennamynd er Alice eftir franska leikstjrann Sylvie Ballyot. Ftt er sagt essari sterku mynd en stainn er sgunni mila til okkar hrifamiklu myndmli sem lta horfandanum eftir a tlka a sem raunverulega gerist forum daga lfi hinnar frnsku Alice og heimtar n trs. Leikstjrinn, Silvie Ballyot, er hrdd vi a fara snar eigin leiir, og me leikurum snum skapar hn ljrna og afar ertska mynd.

stir karla

rjr leiknar kvikmyndir Hinsegin bdgum skja efni sitt reynsluheim ungra pilta og glmu eirra vi stina. ar er fyrst a nefna bandarsku myndina Yfir Eden (Edens Curve) eftir Anne Misawa. ar segir fr Peter, 18 ra strk sem er a hefja nm yfirstttarskla austurstrnd Bandarkjanna. Hann kemur r auugu og vernduu umhverfi gborgara og satt a segja erfitt me a fta sig hsklaheiminum ar sem sterkar tilfinningar togast .
Franska myndin kemst yfir etta (A Cause dun garon: Tu verras, a te passera) eftir Fabrice Cazeneuve segir fr Vincent, laglegum og heillandi strk, leitoga keppnislii sklans sundi. Einn af eim sem virist hafa fengi allt a sem einn strkur getur ska sr. Mgnu kvikmynd um unglinga fyrir unglinga llum aldri.

S frgasta af eim myndum sem hr um rir kemur fr Mexk og heitir v langa nafni sund friarsk himni, st, aldrei httir a vera st (Mil nubes de paz cercan el cielo, amor, jams acabaras de ser amor) og er eftir Julin Hernndez. etta hrifamikla verk hlaut Teddy-verlaunin Kvikmyndahtinni Berln 2003, en au eru veitt fyrir besta framlag til kvikmyndagerar samkynhneigra heiminum.

Rosa von Praunheim nemur land

Af myndum Hinsegin bdaga er ein algjrum srflokki. etta mun vera fyrsta sinn sem kvikmynd eftir Rosu von Praunheim er snd slensku kvikmyndahsi en hann hefur sannarlega sett mark sitt kvikmyndasgu samkynhneigra sasta aldarfjrung. Mynd hans nefnist Einstein hvatalfsins (Einstein des Sex) og segir fr miklum hrifavaldi sgu samkynhneigra, Magnus Hirschfeld. Gyingur, hommi, ssalisti og lknir sem stofnai fyrsta barttuhp homma Berln ri 1897. Hr svisetja leikarar undir stjrn Rosu sguna um Magnus, stir hans og strur, barttu, sigra og skipbrot magnari mynd um lngu horfna t.

Lesa m nnar um allar essar myndir me v a fletta Kvikmyndirnar.
Vaxtarbroddur kvikmyndagerar

Tv stuttmyndasfn vera snd htinni og nefnast au Piltar me piltum og Stlkur me stlkum. Slkar sningar njta grarlegra vinslda erlendum kvikmyndahtum v a ar er ekki sst a finna margt a besta og djarfasta sem bostlum er kvikmyndager samkynhneigra heiminum. safninu Piltar me piltum er m.a. myndirnar Ef orir (Chicken), Flskusttur (Spin), slmum flagsskap (En malas compaias) eftir einn af heiursgestum htarinnra, Antonio Hens, Ljfar stundir (Fremragende timer), Morgunverur (Frhstck), Opinberunin (benbaringen), Snum r (Target Audience), r dagbk karlhru (Diary of a Male Whore) og Vinir (Freunde). safninu Stlkur me stlkum eru m.a. myndirnar veium (Bartalk), D.E.B.S., Heim jlum (Hjem til jul), Kallau mig Kade (Just Call Me Kade), Opinberunin (benbaringen), Selma og Soffa (Selma och Sofie) og Tu reglur (Ten Rules).
The Invisible Man

Bennett Singer mlstofu htarsal Hskla slands Laugardaginn 6. mars kl. 10:30

tilefni af sningu bandarsku kvikmyndarinnar Brir og utangarsmaur Bayards Rustin Hinsegin bdgum, mun annar hfundur myndarinnar, Bennett Singer, heimskja sland og koma fram mlstofu Hskla slands laugardaginn 6. mars kl 10:30. Mlstofa essi er hluti af rstefnu um karlarannsknir sem Rannsknastofa kvenna- og kynjafrum (RIKK) stendur fyrir n um helgina og er samstarfsverkefni Hinsegin bdaga, Bandarska sendirsins og RIKK. samt Bennett Singer taka tt mlstofunni dr. Deborah Hughes, srfringur afrsk-amerskum frum, dr. Sigrur orgeirsdttir, Geir Svansson og Gumundur Hlfdanarson. mlstofunni verur snt brot r kvikmynd eirra Nancy Kates og Bennetts Singer, Brother Outsider, The Life of Bayard Rustin, sem einnig er snd tvisvar Hinsegin bdgum. Bennett Singer flytur stutt erindi um verk sitt og hlutskipti eirra minnihlutamanna Bandarkjunum sem bi eru svartir og samkynhneigir. A v loknu vera umrur og gestum gefst kostur a leggja fyrirspurnir fyrir mlshefjendur og skiptast skounum vi .

Bayard Rustin var nnasti rgjafi Martins Luthers King og barist vi hli hans en starfai alla t skugga leitogans. Samkynhneig hans tti hreinlega of mikil grun vi hreyfingu bandarskra svertingja. Bayard Rustin var sennilega ingarmesti skipuleggjandi og forvgismaur gngunnar miklu til Washington sem markar ttaskil sgu svartra Bandarkjunum. essi vfrga heimildarmynd hefur unni til fjlda verlauna, m.a. Sundance-kvikmyndahtinni Bandarkjunum.

Sj upplsingar um rstefnuna Mguleikar karlmennskunnar vefsunni Rannsknastofa kvenna- og kynjafrum (RIKK)
Verlaun htarinnar

Srstk dmnefnd veitir verlaun nstsasta kvld htarinnar Regnboganum, laugardagskvldi 13. mars.Veitt vera renn verlaun:
Besta leikna kvikmyndin
Besta heimildarmyndin
Besta stuttmyndin
dmnefndinni eru au Elsabet Ronaldsdttir, Hanna Mara Karlsdttir, Jankees Boer og Sigursteinn Msson.


The opening of Hinsegin Film Days will be held in In after the premiere of the film Bangsalingur .

Then we meet at lstofan, Vegamtastgur 4 during the festival. The cinema offers a discount on drinks!

Saturday, March 25th

…in Reykjavik!

Ball in the National Theater Halls Saturday March 25, at. 23 and by night.

Heklin in a swing on stage with stars from the Icelandic dragon world

Admission fee: 1000 kr.

Awards Gay Movie Days for best documentary, best short film and best feature film will be presented at the National Theater this evening

Begin the evening in the rainbow at Trnsukofa Hekln at. 20


Reykjavik lesbian & gay film festival
Welcome to the Reykjavk lesbian and gay film festival
16.-26. March 2006
REGNBOGINN cinema, Hverfisgata 54


The young Monica was born as a boy who chooses to transition to become a woman at twenty. This documentary film consists of an unusual mix of genres to tell an intimate and moving story. TRANSPLOSION: The transgender experience of four Icelanders told in a sincere short film.

Tuesday 21. March, 18:00
Wednesday 22. March, 20:00

Pedro’s world gets turned on its head when he has to look after his young nephew, as his attempt to act as a responsible father leaves him in great doubts about himself. A humorous and challenging film of an admirable emotional range.

Thursday 16. March, 20:00
Saturday 18. March, 20:00
Sunday 26. March, 16:00

Recruited by the U.S. government for their unique ability to lie, cheat and fight, Amy, Max, Janet and Dominique join an underground academy of secret agents, D.E.B.S. These crime fighting hotties set out to save the world and keep their lipstick perfectly applied while doing so.

Friday 24. March, 20:00
Saturday 25. March, 16:00

Plagued by nightmares, Brian believes that he may have been the victim of an alien abduction. Neil is the ultimate beautiful outsider, a teenage hustler. His pursuit of love leads him to New York City, while Brian’s voyage of self discovery leads him to Neil – who helps him to unlock the dark secrets of their past.

Wednesday 22. March, 20:00
Thursday 23. March, 22:00

Three short films where the oldest generation speaks up. ONCE UPON A TIME: Two gentlemen reminisce gay life in Reykjavk fifty years ago. QUEEN OF LINCOLN ROAD: Irene is not gay but there is certainly something gay about her unique radiation. LIFE IN VAIN: Walter Schwarze, once a Sachsenhausen prisoner, recalls the sufferings of the past.

Saturday 18 March, 16:00
Thursday 23. March, 18:00

Raised as neighbours, Kiran and Delilah lead inseparable lives until Kiran starts fearing her sexual desire for her friend. Once the gossipy community discovers the true nature of their relationship, the girls are forced to confront the thunderous response of prejudice.

Friday 17. March, 18:00
Thursday 23. March, 20:00

He was the poster boy for the hedonistic and sexually-liberated 1970s and portrayed himself as an erotic, unobtainable fantasy, oozing in eroticism. But who was Peter Berlin? The film gives us opportunity to get to know the man behind the myth.

Friday 17. March, 22:00
Monday 20. March, 18:00

The life of Jla Berkowitz takes an unexpected turn when she decides to produce a play based on Madame de Svign, the Parisian marchioness famous for the collection of letters to her daughter. Jla will have to chose between a conventional life with her husband and a more unpredictable life with a woman. A lesbian love story bubbling with humor and enchanting moments.

Friday 24. March, 22:00
Saturday 25. March, 22:00

Chilling testimonies of German past and stories of four gay men, engaged in right-wing political parties, are intertwined with interviews by left-leaning journalists and intellectuals who have followed fascism’s course through German history. Rosa von Praunheim conveys their deeply contradictory lives in a refreshingly unbiased way.

Sunday 19. March, 16:00

Based on the autobiographical musical by LA singer/songwriter and tattoo artist Cheri Lovedog, this wonderful film tackles the rise and fall of almost becoming famous in Clamdandy, her band of twenty years.

Sunday 19. March, 20:00
Sunnudagur 26. mars kl. 22:00

To any fan of the image of a tuxedo-clad Marlene Dietrich, this film is a sure-fire hit! A thoughtful and engaging documentary about the last eighty years of lesbian history, and how that history has intersected with the women’s movement and various political landscapes. This marvellous film brings history to life.

Monday 20. March, 22:00
Tuesday 21. March, 22:00
Wednesday 22. March, 18:00

South Africa 1725: a native herder, sentenced to hard labor, encounters a Dutch sailor imprisoned for sodomy. They begin an affair that progresses from animal sexuality to honest intimacy. By use of anachronistic touches, Proteus allows us to rethink the scope of gay history and reclaim two lives that speak to us today.

Monday 20. March, 20:00
Wednesday 22. March, 22:00

Christian, a hunky party boy, gets more than he bargains for when he tries to seduce 19 year old Aaron, a sexually confused Mormon missionary who moves into his apartment complex. A charming, sexy, and moving tale about the transformational power of love.

Friday 17. March, 20:00
Saturday 18. March, 22:00
Sunday 19. March, 22:00

Into the lives of Helen and Paul comes Tasha, a Romany Czech refugee, awaiting her British passport and her chance for freedom. Told in three revelatory narratives, Gypo reveals how the disintegration of an ordinary working class family finally comes to a head when unexpected emotions are unleashed.

Saturday 18. March, 18:00
Monday 20. March, 20:00

Transgender scholar Susan Stryker and professor Victor Silverman present an exciting story of a riot in 1966 in which transgender people and gay activists fought back against police harassment, three years before Stonewall. The film gives us a peek at the complex development of the gay rights movement and addresses the role of gender reassignment surgery, newly possible in the sixties.

Friday 10. March, 20:00
Wednesday 22. March, 18:00

GIRLS WITH GIRLS (Short films)

Tuesday 21. March, 20:00
Friday 24. March, 18:00

BOYS WITH BOYS (Short films)

Sunday 19. March, 18:00
Saturday 25. March, 18:00

A documentary about the world famous half breed Icelander Heklna and the man underneath it all, Stefn Grygelco. Stories of inspirations, hardships, and rewards of the Trannyshack group where Heklina heads up the club known for its comedic, dramatic, sometimes glamorous, usually trashy, and always entertaining floorshows.