But the celebrations certainly continued even when the camera

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canada goose coats on sale Stop the world: Phil and Holly would like to get off it (Image: ITV)Get celebs updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!On Wednesday night, ITV’s much loved canada goose outlet store toronto morning show clinched the Best Live Magazine title from a hotly contested category, which included The One Show, BBC Breakfast and Loose Women.Come Thursday morning, the celebrations continued ‘live’ on the This Morning sofa as a still tipsy Holly and Phil, food stained, bedraggled, still dressed in their glad rags, giggled and canada goose outlet buffalo hic hicced their way through the show.They’d spent the whole night whooping it up with the food fight thrown in at fellow award winner canada goose outlet in new york Ant McPartlin’s hous e.(Image: PA)I should have warned them that I thought the same one year when GMTV was nominated. I stayed at home only to watch my colleagues pile onstage to accept the award when we won!Despite their doubts, the This Morning team goose outlet canada pootled up the River Thames aboard a water cruiser packed with Clover, the This Morning dog, and a host of ITV daytime stars no doubt praying a rogue tide wouldn’t wipe out half the channel’s programme schedule.When Bake Off ‘s Nadiya announced their triumph, they raced up to the stage where Phillip, looking at a stunned Holly, said: “You didn’t think we were going to win did you?”Cut to Ant’s house several hours later, where Phillip might have been tempted to say: “You’re not going to stop drinking are you?”Who knows if they did. But the celebrations certainly continued even when the camera light pinged on in This Morning’s studio.The giggling pair were an endearingly amusing sight to behold, their antics went viral on social media canada goose outlet and the show attracted its biggest audience since September.Proof that in a TV world often drenched in fake reality, honesty is the best policy canada goose coats on sale.