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This article links off to detailed responses for the individual issues. CVE 2018 3646 is the most severe of the L1TF issues and affects hypervisors on Intel x86 CPUs. It has 2 known attack vectors, both of which need to be mitigated.The first attack vector is mitigated through a standard vSphere update process that includes vCenter and ESXi.The second attack vector is mitigated by enabling a new advanced configuration option called “hyperthreadingMitigation” included in the updates.

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If it doesnt work, it could be that you need to load the driver in PE like when trying to call Win32_Battery.If you haven used it before, open WBEMTEST in the full OS on the PC by searching in the start menu or entering in CMD. The click connect twice, click on query and run your query. If it returns nothing, output will be false.

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